Looking Into Some Popular Misconceptions About Crossfit

CrossFit in Golden Colorado has become an extremely popular workout method, but it has not come without some criticism. It is inevitable, with anything this popular and successful, that misconceptions will form that catch and spread. This article looks at some of the most common ones around this popular form of exercise, and whether or not they are credible.

It Makes You Sick And Causes Frequent Injury

This is probably the most common myth surrounding Crossfit in Arvada. Unfortunately, some people have hurt themselves by pushing too hard in workouts before they were ready for it. As a beginner, you should always perform this workout under the supervision of a licensed professional trainer. They will make sure you learn your limits, and build your technique before taking it to a high level of intensity. In all types of exercise, there is always some risk of injury. However, if you learn the basics and learn from a professional, this fitness method is very safe.

It Will Cause Women To Bulk Up

It is unsure what perpetuates this misconception, but it has no basis in reality. The fact is, muscle building that causes bulking up requires testosterone in the body. Women do produce some testosterone, but not nearly as much as men, and not enough to add muscle bulk without going well out of their way to make it happen. Even with the strength training that is incorporated into Crossfit in Lakewood, it is not nearly enough to cause women to become muscular. The main results women experience are a significant reduction in body fat, and increased aerobic performance.


The Atmosphere Is Highly Competitive And Unwelcoming To Newcomers

Each gym may have a different atmosphere depending on the trainer, but this is absolutely not a trait characteristic of Golden Crossfit. On the contrary, the classes focus on helping each person achieve their best results, and teach that each person will perform on their own level. The goal is to encourage and strive for individual results, not compete with eachother. Also, participants do not need to be at any level of physical fitness before starting classes. The exercises are suited for people of all levels of fitness, and everyone is welcome. Advanced users may be performing higher intensity workouts, while beginners are doing exercise more appropriate to their level, but no one is made to feel beneath or above the others.

Crossfit classes tend to promote healthy living outside the gym to complement your fitness workout. If you are interested in participating, contact some of your local gyms to see if they offer certified classes.

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